there is no dark side to love.
that is the thing which breaks the chains
of infinite duality. all is polar, except Love.
It is the Light which casts no shadow
the wind without the storm
the war without the bloodshed
the flame without the warmth
the plane without a pilot
the forest with no pine
the arrow in the quiver
the point to all this time

shadow holds no weight,
there is no light in darkness.
and that’s how all’s made whole. …

I need to write. But really what I need, and I mean it this time, I really finally feel like I need to not judge it as I go. I can judge it later. Sure. The judgement isn’t the reward. “Reward”. Fuck I don’t need a reward. I just need to write.

There’s too much shit in my head and it needs to be out there. Somewhere. If you’re here, welcome. You’ve found the no man’s land of my thoughts. I want to make that less cliche but I won’t because what I need is movement. What I need is…


I just need to say this

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